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      熱情滿  攜手遠

      Seek a bright future together with a passionate attitude

      yiyang group
      • 38

        Founded in 1987

      • 11600

        Registered capital

      • 73260

        area covered

      • 320

        Number of employees

      Jiangsu Yiyang Group, founded in 1987, is a high-tech enterprise and environmental protection backbone enterprise in Jiangsu Province. Always focusing on environmental protection and water treatment, after more than 30 years of continuous development, it has now become a large modern enterprise integrating research and development, design, equipment production and sales, and engineering contracting.

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      • Xi 'an water

      • Shenzhen water

    1. Xi 'an water

      Yiyang Group is the main provider for the most sewage water factories in xi’an ,including: xi 'an third sewage plant (150000 tons of sewage per day), xi 'an fourth sewage treatment plant ( 200000 tons of sewage per day) , xi 'an fifth sewage treatment pl

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    2. Shenzhen water

      The cooperation projects between Yiyang Group and Shenzhen water are: Luo Fang wastewater treatment plant (100000 tons of sewage water per day), Nanshan wastewater treatment plant ( 560000 tons of sewage per day ), Binhe sewage treatment plant ( 180000 to

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    3. The cooperation projects between Yiyang Group and Xiamen Water Affairs include: Luotuowan Sewage Treatment Plant in Xinxiang, Henan (150000 tons of sewage per day), Xinglin Sewage Treatment Plant in Xiamen, Fujian (45000 tons of sewage per

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    4. advantages

      • quality assurance

        We have over 300 permanent employees, over 60 engineering and technical personnel, 5 professor-level senior engineers, and a professional engineering installation team. In the industry, we have taken the lead in passing international quality management systems of ISO 9001 and ISO 14000!

      • Product advantages

        Yi Yang has also developed a number of Torch Programs, Spark Programs, and scientific and technological projects. In particular, the oxidation ditch aerator developed by our company is one of the key scientific and technological projects of the national “8th Five-Year Plan”;

      • Production advantage

        With a registered capital of RMB 116 million and a total asset value exceeding RMB 200 million, the company owns many large-scale modern industrial plants, advanced production equipment and quality inspection facilities and covers a total area of over 73,260 square meters.

      • Brand advantage

        In the 35 years of development, Yi Yang has attracted clients across the country and unanimously favored by them, creating good economic and social benefits.