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      The cooperation projects between Yiyang Group and Shenzhen water are: Luo Fang wastewater treatment plant (100000 tons of sewage water per day), Nanshan wastewater treatment plant ( 560000 tons of sewage per day ), Binhe sewage treatment plant ( 180000 tons of sewage per day), Yantian sewage treatment plant ( 50000 tons of sewage per day), the organization sewage treatment plant (180000 tons of sewage per day), Xinxiang camel bay sewage treatment plant (100000 tons of sewage per day), solid defensibly sewage treatment plant ( 240000 tons of sewage treatment per day).


      Shenzhen water (group) co., LTD  is a large-scale comprehensive water service provider ,coving tap water production ,distribution business, sewerage treatment and discharge, water investment and operation, design and construction of water facilities and other business and so on. Shenzhen water group is responsible for 97% of the water supply business of shenzhen special zone and 99% of the sewage treatment business, as well as the seven provinces in the country for 18 water project investment around the world,  providing qualified and efficient water service for more than 1800 people . The supply capacity of shenzhen waterworks group of 7.71 million tons/day makes it the first in China. The sewage treatment capacity reaches 2.04 million tons/day, with the local sewage treatment rate in shenzhen is over 88%,making it possible for it to rank among the highest in the country.