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      Yi Yang Group held a grand oath-taking ceremony for the 3rd echelon

      Source:Yiyang group  Follow:1944   Time:2022-04-15

      To perfect the company’s talent training and echelon building mechanisms, Yi Yang Group has cultivated talents designedly to provide human support and guarantee for its sustainable development and to promote the healthy internal competition. And as such, Yi Yang Group held a grand meeting of all employees and a collective oath-taking ceremony for core members of the 3rd echelon on Feb. 11, 2022.

      The members of the 3rd echelon have solemnly sworn that: we’ll be loyal to Yi Yang and remain true to our original aspiration; fight hard and help each other in distress; make a restless searching for greater glories. 

      In 2022, an extraordinary year, all employees of Yi Yang would work together and insist on originality to build a century-old world-class brand. Facing the ambitious goal, the current young core teams would reach out full of vigor.