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      Jiangsu Yiyang group held a grand Winter Games

      Source:Yiyang group  Follow:1209   Time:2022-03-13


      The sun is bright and the wind is gentle. The overflowing ocean in winter is full of vitality. In order to improve the physical quality of employees and enrich the cultural life of the enterprise, the company successfully held the winter games on January 15, 2022. There are four events in this event, including table tennis, badminton, rope skipping and tug of war. The whole competition was exciting and exciting. The competition was very fierce. The players were full of energy, leaping and catching up with each other. They not only achieved results, but also style, but also friendship, which fully reflected the energetic spirit of indomitable struggle, fearing hardship and vitality. Through this activity, we not only enhanced our friendship, but also strengthened our unity and enterprising team spirit, but also strengthened the firm belief of all employees to take root in Yiyang and create a better tomorrow.